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Automobilių nuoma Kontaktai

2009m. April -   www.ilgalaike-nuoma.lt site for vehicle rent has started!  More information...

Just now all vehicle short term rent is from 40Lt/per day be sure to book the vehicle here!




Need a vehicle for a longer period?
- Don't want to pay credit for a new vehicle?
- Don't want unclear conditions and long term commitment when using leased vehicle.
- Don’t have time to make vehicle repairs or maintenance.

“Pabaltijo automobiliu prekyba” LTD has solution for you!
www.ilgalaike-nuoma.lt is our new project to help you rent a car easily for short as well as long term.
“Pabaltijo automobiliu prekyba” LTD is already working in vehicle trading sector for five years. A year ago we successfully started a camper van rental business. During the years we have gained a lot of knowledge in vehicle trading and repairing business. Therefore we are sure that we have the right staff and necessary equipment to provide the best vehicle rental services possible to you!

www.ilgalaike-nuoma.lt offers:
- Long term vehicle rent with no long term commitments. Our company as an alternative to vehicle leasing offers a type of rent which is based on a long period (minimal rental period is longer than one month) for a fixed once in a month payment while keeping all the services of a new car leasing, but with simplified terms and conditions. Client can change a vehicle prolong the rental period or terminate it without any additional payments.

Long term rental packet includes:
-CASCO insurance
-24h tech. support on the road anywhere in EU
-Full vehicle maintenance
-Seasonal vehicle maintenance
-Substitute vehicle during maintenance or repairs.

Short term vehicle rent with a wide price range. Discounts depending on the rent period.

Short term rental package includes:

-CASCO insurance
-24h tech. support on the road anywhere in EU
-Substitute vehicle during repairs

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